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ProSR took the 2nd place in NTIRE 2018 Super-Resolution Challenge. Our paper is accepted to the NTIRE 2018 workshop.


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We set a new benchmark for single-image super-resolution by exploiting progressiveness both in architecture and training. The proposed multi-scale models, ProSR and ProGanSR, improve the reconstruction quality in terms of PSNR and visual quality respectively. ProSR ranks 2nd in terms of SSIM NTIRE2018 SISR challenge.
CVPRW 2018, 2018

We propose a new deep architecture by incorporating object/human detection results into the framework for action recognition, called two-stream semantic region based CNNs (SR-CNNs). We perform experiments on UCF101 dataset and demonstrate its superior performance to the original two-stream CNNs.
BMVC, 2016

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A Fully Progressive Approach to Single-Image Super-Resolution

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Two-Stream SR-CNNs for Action Recognition in Videos

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